Few Saving Tips

Let's calculate your hard work
Don't surprise. Just feel the following calclations.
  1. $25,000 in a bank account CD will give you $1250 in a year. 
  2. Your money $25,000 should be locked for 12 months to earn this $1250 at 5% interest (example)
  3. $1250/12 months [365 days] = $3.47 per day
  4. Now calculate how long it ll take you to save $25,000 after paying your mortgage/rent, income tax, car payment, car insurance, car repair, car gas, groceries, internet, telephone, medical insurance etc.
4 Ways to Save Money on Your Mortgage

In this article:
1. Refinance Your Mortgage
2. Make an Extra Payment Every Year
3. End Your PMI Early
4. Review Your Budget
The Bottom Line

6 Ways Your Buyers Can Save on Their Mortgage
Source: Nar.Realtor

1. Shop around for a loan

2. Negotiate

3. Buy down the mortgage points

4. Ask for discounts

5. Be aware of float-down policies

6. Consider the mortgage terms



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