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MAC Real Estate Services boasts a team with decades of experience in the Real Estate and Mortgage service industry. Our lasting success and reputation can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional Real Estate & Mortgage services to countless buyers and sellers. Their satisfaction and enthusiastic recommendations have resulted in a steady stream of repeat referral business.


[90% of our business is referral business]


At MAC Real Estate Services, we firmly believe in cost-effectiveness for our valued clients. In fact, our entire business model revolves around this fundamental objective. As a mortgage broker, our extensive knowledge, wisdom, and experience enable us to secure the best possible mortgage options among the vast range of lenders available to you.


[During the Pandemic 2020 refinance boom, we closed lots of mortgages at 1.99% -15Y Fixed 2.15%apr]


Here's the deal: while loan officers can certainly help you secure a loan, our mission as a mortgage broker is to secure the right loan for you at the most affordable cost. Over the course of our years in the mortgage industry, we have made it our mission to offer personalized assistance to countless families, providing responsible and affordable home financing solutions. We are ready to extend the same level of support to you and your family




Credit Education

We are teaching free how to keep your credit good -check our Credit Education page



Good credit 

Good FICO Score 

Good Interest Rate 

Low Monthly Payment 

Less work 



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Journey of MAC Real Estate Services

With one man shop.

New construction boom


Hiring Boom
20 people team of loan officers and realtors.

Cash out refinance and purchase season. Lots of no income/no doc lenders stated income busines season


new lenders


Market Crash
Short Sales and foreclosure wave started


Market Crash Effect
Back to One Man Shop


To Roseville

Two Men MLO Shop


Hiring Again Now
Free Training

5 MAC Team members now and growing again